About Me

For my entire adult life, when asked what my hobbies included, it has always been wine, running, and traveling. The common thread, they all take you somewhere, create a memory, and can be shared. Whether drinking a glass of jug wine in college or sharing a beautiful red wine with my husband while overlooking the Eiffel Tower, a memory was created and cherished. Imagine my delight when destination wine races reached the mainstream!

I was born in Paris, TX, in 1984 and raised in multiple areas of Texas. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific place I was raised, but we landed in Abilene in 2000, and I have come to call Abilene my hometown. After I graduated from Abilene High School, I opted to stay local to pursue university. I finished my BBA at McMurry University in 2006 and then my MBA at Hardin-Simmons University in 2009. Soon after my business education, I married a military pilot and was whisked away to California. We’ve since been fortunate to travel and experience a variety of different places around the world with our many moves.

We often joke that our dogs had more passport stamps than most people. While living in England, we became parents to two amazing daughters. In 2017, we landed back in California, and I decided I wanted to become formally wine educated while we lived just outside Napa. We have now landed back home in Texas, and although it has been a fun adventure getting to this point, I am excited to finally be able to settle in and utilize my expertise and training.

So here I am, following my heart and putting my business degrees and formal training to use.


From The Cellar